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Our Commitment

Working with like-minded people and organizations leads to sustainable actions. We truly believe that today’s sustainable actions will lead, slowly but surely, to a better tomorrow.

Therefore, Herbanatur is committed to reducing waste, water and energy use and, of course, limiting carbon dioxide emissions in its commercial activities. At the same time, we will seek opportunities to create positive impacts for people and the planet.

While keeping on reducing our environmental footprint, we hope that it will inspire our customers to be part of the solution!

Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Simplify manufacturing process
  • Using less packaging
  • Offer Up-cyclable packaging that could be reused or repurpose sustainably
  • Reduce recycled materials that end up in landfills
  • Reduce post-consumer waste

Encourage sustainable transportation (Co2 Neutral)

  • Reduce the amount of packaging involved in shipping
  • Lighter shipping weight
  • Avoid express delivery
  • Robust packaging to minimize returns

Sustainable Choice Seal

In order to guide our customers toward sustainable online shopping, we created a seal to attests ascertainable actions takin by our company to reduce our environmental footprint with this particular product.

Environmental Policy

  • Only promote the use of sustainable weed control solutions
  • Incorporate integrated global management
  • Assess sustainable R&D
  • Only use all-natural and non-toxic ingredients

Energy Policy

  • Limit our cloud storage, which requires massive energy supply
  • Compress (ZIP) all outgoing e-files to limit server energy consumption.
  • Ensure electronic equipment operates in energy saving mode and is turned off when not in use
  • Use light-emitting diode (LED) lighting wherever possible and turn off lighting as often as possible

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Policy


Waste Policy

  • Limit the amount of garbage that goes to landfill
  • Extend the life of all our electronic equipment wherever possible
  • Reduce printing
  • Provide lunch facilities, including a fridge and reusable dishes and cutlery
  • Compost organic waste
  • Avoid doing business with corporations that have careless recycling politics

Recycling Policy

  • Use recycled material such as paper, cardboard and plastic
  • Recycle any end-of-life electronics through a responsible, on-shore electronics recycling service
  • Recycle all paper and paper products
  • Recycle toner cartridges with a reputable provider
  • Recycle all plastic, glass and metal containers
  • Compost organic waste

Purchasing Policy

  • Encourage and support businesses that are part of the global environmental community
  • Maintain a supplier policy outlining actions we undertake
  • Favor suppliers with certifications, including B Corporations and those that support diversity, including minority- and women-owned businesses
  • Purchasing electronic equipment that is Energy Star and/or EPEAT Gold certified
  • Buying FSC certified paper
  • Choose environmentally certified cleaning products
  • Buy goods that are locally produced where possible
  • Avoid doing business with corporations that have careless policies

Amazon-Free Policy

In order to be consistent with most of our eco-policies stated above, our eco-friendly products are NOT FOUND on Amazon.

ECO Policies

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