Scientific Publication / R&D

Herbanatur's R&D Scientific Publications (Available on request)

Ragweed suppression – Efficacy and selectivity (Primula, 2006)

Organic Method of Ragweed Control (McGill University, 2000)

Ecological Control of Noxious and Invassive Spieces (Post doctorat essay- Dr. A. Meilleur, 2007)

Objective Evaluation of Weed Control Methode (Internal report, 2016)

Roadside Management Strategy (Ragweed Control) (Internal report, 2007)

Invasive and toxic Weed Control Trial (Mass DOT, 2011)

ADIOS efficacy report (Ohio state university, 2012)

ADIOS Vs Chemical (Soya crops trial – efficacy n selectivity) (Guelph university, 2010)

AdiosAmbros Trial Protocol (Guelph University, 2009)

Toxicology report  (Impact on bee’s)    (Primula, 2007)

Aerobiology-Ragweed Polen Count (GREBE, 2006-2007)

Aerobiology-Ragweed Polen Count (Aerobiology laboratory, 2008-2011)

Ambrosia suppression – preliminary trial report  (McGill university, 1998)

Assessment report (small ragweed control) (McGill university-City of Laval, 1999)

Final report (small ragweed control-efficacy and selectivity) (McGill university for Ministry of Transport of Quebec, 2003)

Raw data compilation and trial assessment (control-efficacy and selectivity) (McGill university for Ministry of Transport of Quebec, 1999-2002)

ADIOS efficacy and selectivity – PMRA registration raw data assessment report (Herbanatur, 2002)

Taraxacum (dandelion) efficacy control (Primula, 2011)

Broadleave efficacy- PMRA assessment (Primula, 2011)

Assessment report – Japanese knotweed control (Primula, 2010)

Assessment report – Giant hogweed control (Primula, 2012)

Poison ivy control – PMRA assessment (Primula, 2011)

Poison ivy control in Quebec National parks (Primula, 2006-2008)

Environnemental impact (A. Meilleur, Ph.D. 2014)

Other Related Scientific Publications (Available on request)

2008 – 2012 National Invasive Species Management Plan

DOT herbicides_alternative trials

ECO_Landscaping Guide

Herbicide Tolerant Crops 10 Years Later

Invasive Species Definition Clarification and Guidance

Environnmental Abstract (Cornell University)

Herbanatur's Scientific Publication (french) (Available on request)

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