A.D.I.O.S.™ Herbicide Ready to use with sprayer 1.14 Gallon

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Average coverage: 4½ gal. per 1000ft²

Selective control and suppression of broadleaf weeds like dandelion, clover, creeping charlie, ground ivy, ragweed, poison ivy and more.

Can be use on lawn & turf – Non-toxic – Odorless – Kills to the root – Pet friendly – Fast-acting  Can be used 1hr before rain  (FAQs)

Product Description

Product name: A.D.I.O.S.™ Selective Bio-Herbicide

Type: Post emergence foliar herbicide for the control of broadleaf and grassy weeds.

Description: A.D.I.O.S.™ is a non-toxic and odorless selective weed killer that can be safely use on turf & lawn or around ornamental plants, bushes, small trees and fruit & vegetable gardens.

No buffer zone required next to potable freshwater wells or wetlands.
All natural, A.D.I.O.S.™ is totally safe to be used around children and pets.

Mode of action: Once sprayed to the point of run-off on the aerial parts of the weed, an osmotic effect takes place to drive A.D.I.O.S.™ right through the foliage, stems and finally, all the way down to the roots. This systemic reaction provides a rapid desiccation of the weed due to rapid loss of water from the plant cells.

Visible signs of control may be seen shortly after the application of A.D.I.O.S.™ Only one application is usually required to get rid of annual weeds. A few application may be needed to get rid of perennial weeds.

1 review for A.D.I.O.S.™ Herbicide Ready to use with sprayer 1.14 Gallon

  1. Diane

    Got rid of my clover without a sweat.

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